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10 Signs of a Bad Subcontractor Part 2

As a general contractor, you have to perform quality work, meet deadlines, and rely on the right people to get the job done effectively and efficiently. In this six-part series, the Tampa construction lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants are discussing circumstances in which you could accidentally hire a bad subcontractor. In the last section, we stressed the importance of working only with subcontractors that are certified. In this section, we will discuss hiring experienced subcontractors that you can rely on to perform their tasks.

2. They Lack Experience

Experience is among the most important qualities in an applicant for a subcontractor position. Depending on the scope of the work, you want to hire a professional who has the skills and experience that match the project needs. Experienced subcontractors are proud of their portfolio of work and are eager to discuss past projects that align with your needs. Inexperienced subcontractors are uncomfortable discussing the details of a project or reflecting on their past work history. When you are discussing the requirements of the position with a subcontractor, the more specifics you provide them with, the better you can understand how their qualifications align with the needs of the position.   

Here are a few telltale signs that a subcontractor is not qualified:

  • No Portfolio: If the subcontractor cannot provide any examples of previous work, even through an apprenticeship position, you do not want to work with them.
  • Questionable Skillset: Perhaps they do have experience, but their skills and past experience don’t align with the project needs.
  • No References: If a subcontractor has enjoyed success, they have plenty of great referrals from past employers and clients. If the professional is unwilling to offer any referrals per your request, it’s safe to assume that they can’t provide quality work.
  • Bad Referrals: The one thing worse than no references are bad ones. If the applicant has a lot of negative feedback on the internet or unfavorable reviews from acquaintances, it’s best to steer clear. Several bad reviews mean this is a professional you don’t want to associate with.
  • No Business Entity: Although every subcontractor doesn’t have a permanent place of business, it can be an indicator of how long they have been actively working. Equally important, does the subcontractor have an online presence? If they don’t have a website or social media page, there’s a good chance they are not reputable.

For more information on signs of a bad subcontractor, please read sections three, four, five, and six.

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