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10 Signs of a Quality Contractor Part 1

The duties of a contractor are expansive and far-reaching. It takes a high-level intellect, diligent attention to detail, and effective management skills to be a contractor. What kind of contractor are you? Are you fulfilling your daily duties and completing projects on time? Or do you find yourself extending deadlines and frequently playing catch-up? In this two-part series, our Tampa construction attorneys will explore ten signs of a quality contractor and provide tips for improving your work as a contractor.

Showing Up On-Time or Earlier

When an investor entrusts you with a project, you don’t want to make a habit of showing up to work late. Contractors who take pride in their work will exhibit a high level of professionalism and lead by example to boost accountability on their projects. Effective leadership starts when the work day begins, so it’s imperative that you show up to work on time or earlier. Showing up for work on time shows that you care, a sentiment that translates into all aspects of construction including craftsmanship and safety.

No Skipping Days

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of timelines in construction. When a contractor skips days or weeks of work, it causes the entire project to fall behind schedule. Timeliness can make or break a project, especially on smaller projects like fix-and-flips. These projects require the investor and contractor to find, purchase, rehab, and sell a property within five months. It’s almost impossible to meet this deadline when working with a contractor who takes excessive days off.

Avoid Excessive Fronting of Money

Asking for an unreasonable amount of money to get a project started is a red flag for most investors. The lending process differs by project, but on average, the initial sum requested by a contractor should equal around 15 percent of the project cost. Of course, this situation depends on the details of the contract being signed.

Fantastic Workmanship

Quality workmanship speaks for itself. Quality contractors do good work, and they quickly address any qualms with their project without conflict. Shoddy workmanship can include the use of poor materials, cheap tools, and deficient execution of design plans. A simple mistake can lead to a complete do-over on a construction site, so it’s important for contractors to focus on building high-quality structures.

Glowing Reviews

Due diligence is imperative for large-scale jobs, so it’s important to have positive reviews posted online. Your reviews tell your stories with past clients. Positive reviews go a long way to fortifying your reputation and establishing a strong rapport with prospective clients.

In part two, our Tampa construction lawyers will continue to explore the ten signs of a quality contractor.

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