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10 Signs of a Quality Contractor Part 2

Contractors are responsible for organizing construction projects, procuring materials and supplies, and ensuring that all workers are safely working in compliance with current regulatory standards. Needless to say, it’s not an easy job, and it requires a person who has been cut from a different cloth than the average construction worker.

In part one of this two-part series, our Tampa construction lawyers discussed five signs of a quality contractor. In part two, we will continue to discuss the other five signs of a quality contractor to round out our list of ten.

No Cutting Corners

Good contractors don’t seek out ways to reduce their costs that sacrifice the integrity of their workmanship. An unscrupulous contractor can accumulate a significant profit behind the investor’s back by secretly using substandard materials or cheap tools. However, a good contractor knows that cutting corners can lead to poor work that requires a redo. This could lead to a dispute that requires the assistance of Tampa construction lawyers.

A Pleasure to Work With

First impressions are valuable, and investors can usually obtain all of the information they need from your first conversation and handshake. Contractors should understand the importance of teamwork and communication better than most occupations, since their success largely depends on relationships and collaborative efforts. Always do your best to make collaboration an enjoyable endeavor for all parties involved with a project. Your adaptability and respectful demeanor can help get the job done more quickly and secure you a recommendation for a future project.

Take Responsibility for Errors

A quality contractor admits their wrongdoings, miscalculations, and mistakes, then proceeds to rectify them through direct action. If you have ever worked with a contractor who likes to play the “blame game” when things go awry, you are acutely aware of how unproductive these fruitless arguments are. It’s best to accept responsibility for any mishaps and move along.

Exhibit Honesty and Integrity

What would you do if you found out one of your employees was stealing from you? Contractors have ample opportunities to profit off the lack of supervision afforded to them by investors, but a quality contractor would never even consider doing such a thing. A good contractor exhibits honesty and integrity, two traits that can inspire construction workers and boost productivity on a job site. Dishonest contractors steal from the job site, order cheap materials, and pocket profits under the table.

No Stealing

Stealing from your employer is never justified. Bad contractors manipulate project budgets to appropriate more money for themselves. Some lesser known methods of stealing include artificially lengthening timelines, gouging bids, and skimping on materials. Maintaining a strong sense of transparency with your investor will foster a mutual trust between both parties and avoid any potential legal disputes.

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