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3 Challenges Today’s Construction Contractor Will Face

Florida’s construction industry has experienced impressive growth. However, our Florida construction attorneys understand that this great demand brings some challenges to construction professionals, in particular, contractors. We believe the three challenges we will discuss in this article should be acknowledged and steps should be taken to ensure they do not derail your livelihood.

1. Keeping a Steady Supply of Workers

One of the major areas of concern for the construction industry is a lack of workers to fill critical roles in projects. Many of the vetted and older workers retiring from the industry. Others left as a result of the last economic recession. The number of construction professionals exiting the construction industry is occurring faster than its ability to find and retain new and qualified talent. This has caused a major labor shortage. A shortage of workers increases the risk of increased construction costs, deliverable delays, and safety concerns. Providing training, apprenticeship, and higher pay will have a positive impact.

2. Embracing New Technology

New technologies play a big role in construction contracting. Currently, technology such as drones, project management apps, and smart helmets have changed the ways those in the construction industry communicate and collaborate. With technology tools, contractors can streamline workflow, manage client information, and share projects across the platform of their choice. New technologies enable contractors to experience higher productivity, consistent quality, improved safety, and more convenience. These improvements will help contractors avoid underperforming which often leads to construction disputes. The first step for contractors is to decide which tool is best for the team and jobsite.

3. Managing Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a major challenge in the construction industry because there is always a new rule or revision to an existing one. Regulations contractors should keep an eye on include overtime wage, prevailing wage on public works projects, and OSHA safety regulations such as the silica rule. Contractors must continually monitor and comply with these rules to avoid being penalized and to improve workplace health and safety. Rules are constantly changing so it’s important that contractors find ways to stay abreast of the latest changes by regularly reading industry publications and connecting with a local association such as the AGC.

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