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3 Major Benefits of Hiring a Subcontractor

Hiring permanent workers will always be a necessity, but subcontractors are also a necessary part of the construction industry. There are many advantages to hiring a subcontractor versus a permanent employee. This article will name a few reasons why it may be better to contract work out to a subcontractor.

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For Short-Term or Large Projects

For larger projects, it is common to hire a subcontractor with a specific skill set to take on aspects of the project that you are not particularly skilled at or you do not have the manpower available to execute. Instead of passing on more complex projects, tap into the expertise of a subcontractor to get the job done. Additionally, you’ll gain more flexibility since the contract is not a long-term commitment.

To Increase Productivity

Considering that subcontractors specialize in a particular field of construction, they are able to perform the work more efficiently which speeds up that aspect of the project. Subcontractors can lessen the general contractor’s need to spend time on the site by taking care of the secondary tasks allowing the contractor to focus on their core tasks.

To Cut Costs

Contracting with a subcontractor rather than hiring a permanent worker can be more cost effective. Since a subcontractor is not your employee, not only will you have less legal liability, your overhead costs will be lower because you will not have the burden of the typical expenses that come with hiring employees such as employee taxes, vacation, insurance, and sick time. Additionally, subcontractors typically use their own equipment which means less wear and tear on your equipment.

Hiring a subcontractor is a case-by-case decision. One thing is certain, building a quality network of subcontractors can open the door to many more lucrative opportunities for your business.

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