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3 Practical Safe Driving Tips for Roofing Contractors

Roofing is dangerous work. Typically, when you hear about construction jobsite accidents, falls top that list. Working at heights is not the only hazard that roofers face.

June is National Safety Month. Each week of the month, companies should focus on a specific topic to emphasize the importance of safety in the workplace. Driving is the topic for week three. Our roofing lawyers in Illinois would like to provide some practical safe driving tips.

Pre-Trip Inspections

Under federal law, commercial vehicles should be inspected daily, before and after use. Failure to perform these inspections exposes drivers to liability in the event of an incident. Therefore, drivers (owners/operators) must ensure the vehicle is in safe condition before driving. This will lessen the occurrence of equipment failure, costly repairs, fines, and penalties.

Load Securement

Load securement is critical. If loads are improperly positioned, the loss of control of a vehicle could put the driver, other workers, and pedestrians at risk of serious injury or death. Furthermore, damage to vehicles will cost the company significantly.

Text and Mobile Phone Restrictions

The potential for accidents is greater among commercial drivers who engage in texting while driving. Commercial drivers and their motor carriers are restricted from texting while operating a commercial vehicle. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) imposes sanctions, penalties, and disqualifies drivers who do not comply with their rules. While operating vehicles, drivers are encouraged to position phones close enough for use while wearing a seatbelt. Additionally, the use of earpieces, the speakerphone function, voice activation, or one-button features are permissible.

If you want to prevent citations and fines against your company, develop a safe driving program for your workplace that addresses key guidelines to reduce the occurrence of vehicular accidents on your jobsite. Consult with a roofing lawyer in Illinois for assistance with protecting your workers, financial resources, and to mitigate liabilities.

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