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3 Root Causes of Construction Disputes Part 1

Construction disputes happen for many different reasons, but there is a root cause for each dispute. Disputes are often the result of a contract issue, people issues, or unforeseen issues. Our Miami construction lawyers will discuss three root causes of disputes as well as a give a few tips on how to avoid them in this article and part two.

Contract Disagreement

In construction, the contract is king. Contract disputes arise due to delays on the contract, failure to properly administer the contract, and misunderstandings regarding the conditions of the contract. The contract is what will make the difference between you carrying more liability and risks than you bargained for or you having a perfectly balanced project on your hands that moves along smoothly. It is critical that your contract is written clearly and thoroughly covers every party’s rights and obligations as well as a complete and accurate scope of work. If you are unclear about the terms and conditions of your contract, this could cause you a lot of trouble that may surface at some stage of the operation. An ironclad reviewed and drafted contract by a Miami construction lawyer will set your project up for success.

Difficult People

Working in construction involves many people with different personalities, visions, and various ways of handling work pressures. This includes management, peers, and clients. Clashing personalities can potentially become problematic, especially when you are dealing with difficult people that you may see as adversarial, inflexible, and unreasonable. Internal (team) and external (client related) difficulties can lead to issues such as miscommunication, project delays, and safety and code violations. It is critical that you are wise in your management, leadership, customer service, and peer-to-peer professional relationships to ensure that you don’t find yourself in the throes of legal woes.

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