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3 Technologies That Can Improve Your Roofing Business

The roofing industry can be a competitive market. Most successful roofing businesses established themselves years ago before many cutting-edge technologies were around. Although business may be fine for now, it’s always important to consider what your competition is offering the market.

In this article, we will discuss three ways roofers can utilize new technologies to improve the overall quality of their work and their business. Remember, if you are in need of any legal assistance, please contact an experienced roofing lawyer in Alabama today.

The Materials

From emerging careers to large canopies that can provide a greater amount of solar energy to industrial buildings, everything in the roofing industry is changing. As we are seeing the incredible impact solar is having on the roofing market, we are also beginning to see advanced designs and enhanced aesthetics to compliment this emerging technology. From shingles that reflect more solar energy to other more affordable materials that can lower the electric bill, it’s a great time for roofers to consider their material options and embrace this innovation.


Drones and aerial cameras offer roofers a variety of benefits from assisting with the inspection process to estimates to also marketing your business with high-definition photographs of your work from start to completion. Of course, the most sophisticated drones can also offer contractors 3D renderings of the roof itself giving them access to data that can be uploaded to a software design program. With drone technology, manual measuring has become antiquated, and clients will be amazed by all of the aesthetic options for their projects. By giving clients a visual guide to the project, this technology can take your roofing business to the next level. Just be sure to register your drone.

Software Programs

Along with a design software program that works seamlessly with your drone imagery, many roofers are beginning to implement technology that helps them with their estimations. When you are creating a quote for a project, the calculations are likely the contractor’s least favorite and most time-consuming part of the project. Whether it’s a free online tool or a robust software application, contractors can enter their project expenses (labor, material, equipment costs) into the program and the application will calculate a precise estimate in real time.

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