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3 Tips for Avoiding Construction Claims

As long as construction projects are negotiated, staffed and managed by human beings, disagreements are inevitable. Disagreements can range from minor onsite arguments between co-workers to more far-ranging disputes that can threaten the progress of construction. Claims over the scope of work, inefficient staffing, or site conditions can potentially derail a project. Understanding that these issues can take place and taking preemptive measures to address them can help you avoid a crisis. Below are three tips that, if followed, can be instrumental in avoiding construction claims.

Take Extra Time to Plan Your Project

While it’s impossible to plan for every issue, many issues can be avoided by creating a sound plan that accounts for work issues, provides proper scheduling and workflow for all parties, and correctly describes the work that needs to take place. It’s also helpful to have an alternate dispute resolution plan in place.

Hire an Orlando Construction Lawyer to Help You With the Contract

A good contract will set clear guidelines for the expectations of all parties. Don’t skimp on this step. Work with our team of Orlando construction lawyers to make sure the contract reflects how both parties will engage each other and has provisions to address any issues that arise. In terms of contracts, it’s advisable to address who takes on certain risks in the construction process. A contract that equitably assigns the financial risks of project delays due to unforeseeable circumstances, such as weather, among the owner and the general contractor, makes it more likely that relationships among these parties will remain harmonious.

Hire The Right People

It’s crucial for owners to hire reputable contractors. It’s also important for those contractors to hire subcontractors that are skillful and reliable. It may take considerable time to weigh through all your options, but by doing this, you cut out the costs of hiring (and firing) poorly qualified workers and reduce the likelihood of claims being placed.

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