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3 Tips for Prospective Solar Buyers

Shopping for solar panels, solar shingles, or any other form of solar roofing can become an exercise in frustration without an experienced roofing expert to help guide you through the process. Solar is becoming more and more popular as the costs associated with these projects continues to decrease with the release of new photovoltaic technologies.

Texas has the potential to generate more solar energy than any other state in the country. A roofing lawyer in Texas can guide you through the process of selecting a solar brand, implementing the necessary safety measures for your installation team, and qualifying for any government incentives or subsidies to reduce the cost of your project. With a knowledgeable roofing lawyer on your team, you can say goodbye to “buyer beware” and shop with confidence.

Multiple Quotes Help You Save Money

It’s important to consider a wide breadth of solar panel brands and suppliers before confirming the perfect solar solution for your project. Shopping for solar panels is similar to shopping for cars. In both cases, you want to be certain that you’ve considered all of your options by conducting extensive research, and you want to notify the suppliers that you have received quotes from competitors. The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recommends comparing as many options for your solar project as possible to help avoid inflated pricing.

Smaller Solar Installers Can Save You Money

When you start researching solar options, you might be inclined to contact a solar company or supplier that occupies the top-ranked position on your Google search results, but our research shows that these larger distributors and installers often charge more for their services than their lesser-known competitors. Just because a company can’t afford to pay for an expensive advertising campaign, doesn’t mean they don’t offer top-tier services with competitive pricing. One report by the U.S. government discovered the shocking truth about large installers, noting that on average, these installers charged between $2,000 and $5,000 more than their smaller competitors. As we mentioned above, comparative shopping can prevent you from overpaying for solar.

Compare Your Equipment Options

Another thing to consider when selecting the right solar roofing for your project is the number of equipment options being offered by the supplier. Your equipment package will dictate your system’s electricity production and partially reveal whether or not solar is a worthy investment for your project. In many cases, large installers only offer specialized packages that help them reduce costs. Smaller installers are more willing to work on custom projects and have more freedom to collaborate directly with the contractor to reach the ideal solution.

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