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3 Types of Training That Mitigate Risks for General Contractors

Construction projects are filled with risk factors. As a matter of fact, the construction industry poses a larger amount of risk than most industries. For general contractors, managing that risk is the difference between a well-run, mostly incident-free project and one facing numerous claims involving defects, injuries, and even OSHA.

There are a number of ways to manage risk, including the hiring of specific personnel like safety officers or Orlando construction lawyers. However, one of the fundamental ways of reducing your risk on a construction project is to provide proper training for your employees. They are the ones on the front lines of your construction project. If they understand how to handle any number of situations that they may encounter, the likelihood of incidents is greatly reduced.

Below are three specific trainings that when given can mitigate risk for general contractors:

Safety Training

Safety training is critical to mitigating risk for a number of reasons. First and most importantly, the health of your employees is vital. Training must be done to ensure they are following the correct procedures for machinery and utilizing the right equipment in order to avoid injury. Secondly, the reduction of injuries caused by safety training means a reduction in claims and lawsuits being filed against your company. Additionally, safety training and the use of safety procedures is required to maintain OSHA compliance.

General Training to Reduce Risk

Your staff should be trained to recognize potential issues that can lead to claims. This includes recognizing potential defects, issues involving subcontractors, and other common risk factors. Leadership staff should have training in spotting and dealing with human resources-related issues such as sexual harassment and discrimination.

Cyber Threat Training

Cyber threats are becoming one of the largest problems businesses face and the construction industry is not immune. While the prevalence of technology across construction companies have made them more efficient, it has also opened them to cyber threats. Training that exposes common practices that open up your business up to cyber threats and incident training are the most effective.

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