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3 Ways to Avoid Construction Project Disputes

The construction industry has a reputation for being competitive and adversarial, which increases the likelihood of disputes of all kinds. These disputes are proving to be time-consuming and expensive. This is why our Jacksonville construction attorneys would like to share some tips for how you can avoid project disputes.

Why Disputes Happen

Construction disputes occur for many reasons, but typically, they are the result of poorly written contracts, a lack of communication, poor management of risks, and the mismanagement of conflicting expectations. If construction professionals plan and execute well, they’ll lessen the occurrence of many of these disputes.

Prevent Them Before They Happen

The best way to prevent legal problems is to be proactive. Don’t wait until an issue arises to seek the assistance of an attorney. Choose from among the many experienced Jacksonville construction attorneys available to you. Next, draft a straightforward written contract. You will also need to identify risks upfront and designate key people to manage them. Additionally, be sure that you draft a resolution clause that is flexible and one that doesn’t include litigation, unless as a last result.

Resolve Problems Early

Have you ever looked at a problem you were having only to realize it could have been avoided if you would have dealt with it immediately? In construction, you can’t afford to be reactive. If you are aware that there may be a potential delay that could ultimately affect the project’s timeline, notify the appropriate party to find a way to lessen its impact or avoid it altogether. Conducting risk analysis periodically will help to identify potential problems.

Improve Communication on the Jobsite

Jobsite preparation is also critical. This begins with a focus on effective communication and great project records. If you foresee project delays, update clients in a reasonable timeframe. If extra work is needed, get the client’s approval before starting the work. If regular meetings are established to discuss project progress, problems, and scheduling, disputes will occur less often.

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