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3 Ways to Guard Against a Roofing Claim

Installing a roof is an expensive investment for owners. This is why it is vital that roofing contractors do top-quality work. If you want to avoid a roofing claim, the following three tips will help you stay on track and reduce the likelihood of a claim.

1. Practice Roof Safety

Roof safety should be a roofer’s first priority. Roofing accidents happen all the time, primarily due to a lack of training and not taking safety seriously. If you are an owner of a roofing business, it’s your responsibility to promote best safety practices to ensure roofing workers are safe. Some of your best practices should include:

  • Providing fall protection
  • Keeping work areas clean and organized
  • Providing the right ladders and setting them up properly
  • Tool and equipment safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Material handling (i.e., lifting and storing)

Our Lakeland construction attorneys know how important it is to implement roof safety practices. Failing to do so will place your workers at risk for injury and even death. As a result, you could face an OSHA citation for violating workplace safety.

2. Install Reliable Products

It’s important to take pride in your workmanship. If you are cutting corners to keep costs down, it will show—now or later. Practices that lead to a roof claim include the poor installation of manufacturer’s products, using cheap materials, improper installation of flashing, and inadequate ventilation. Installing inadequate products can lead to roofing defects. Seek the help of a Lakeland construction lawyer, if you are concerned about latent or patent defects in a roofing project.

3. Prevent Roofing Defects

Roofing defects happen everyday in the construction industry. These defects will lower the value of a structure and damage a roofer’s reputation. Common defects such as blistering, shrinkage, and leaks will cause major issues for owners. Mishaps are not always avoidable but you can avoid defects by inspecting the roofing materials you use and following the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

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