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3 Ways to Minimize the Effect of Defect Claim Damage

Over the course of your construction career, you may encounter some hiccups along the way. Defects in the structures you build may be among those issues. Since construction projects involve many moving parts, deficiencies within a structure can present themselves in a number of ways. It is difficult to completely eliminate construction defects, but you can work closely with a Charlotte contractor lawyer to better protect your business.

Review Your Coverage and Contracts

Before starting a new project, review your coverage and contracts to ensure it is adequate. Since construction projects involve multiple parties, it is critical to understand who is liable for what. If defects are discovered, you need clarity about who is responsible. Consult a Charlotte contractor lawyer to ensure your contract is drafted with the appropriate language and that it appropriately transfers risk among parties. Also, clarify your legal and financial responsibilities. Speak with your insurer to ensure your coverage is current, and review your general liability policy limits, exclusions, and exceptions.

Establish a Quality Control Plan

Establishing a comprehensive quality control plan requires an understanding of industry-specific quality standards that apply to your project. Collaborate with key parties early and often to form a committee and develop a written plan. Ensure that meetings, reviews, and inspections are conducted to review plans and specifications and mitigate potential areas of concern. Recordkeeping is also a crucial component of your quality control plan because maintaining consistent and timely records of inspections, changes, approvals, etc., can help you in the event of litigation.

Manage Claim Expenses

Defending your business against any claim is an inevitable cost of doing business in the construction industry. However, once a claim reaches the litigation stage, your expenses can increase drastically and will include both legal and nonlegal expenses. It is important to consult with a Charlotte construction litigation lawyer for high-quality representations as well as a strategy to keep the associated expenses reasonable. An attorney can guide you in organizing and gathering records in support of your claim, ensure a timely resolution of your claim, and help you choose the right settlement strategy.

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