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4 Contributors to Low Morale on the Construction Site Part 1 featured image

4 Contributors to Low Morale on the Construction Site Part 1

Our Jacksonville construction attorneys know that running a construction company is tough. Construction projects involve hard labor and strict timelines. In the midst of juggling project demands, it can also be difficult to keep your customers and your workers happy. If you are noticing that employee morale is waning on your jobsite, this two-part article will give you four reasons to help explain why it could be happening.

Work Culture

Workplace culture is the personality of a company. It is all about your company’s beliefs, values, behaviors, and attitude. A good company culture will help attract new workers and retain existing workers. It will also strengthen worker engagement and impact their level of happiness and satisfaction. When workers are happy, they perform their jobs better. What does your culture say about your company? If you want your workers to be happy and more satisfied, make their job feel fun by introducing new and interesting tools and technology. Support their desire to grow professionally by establishing mentorship and development programs. Let them see the impact of their efforts by celebrating the completion of a project.

Bad Management

Construction projects can go awry for a variety of reasons. In many cases, poor management is the culprit. Good construction management requires an understanding of the entire lifecycle of a project and the risks involved in every project. An effective construction manager is clear about everyone’s role and responsibilities and takes great strides to maintain clear and efficient chains of communication. A good manager knows how to hire the right people and manage them. Signs of poor management include, but are not limited to:

  • Poorly supervised work crews
  • Chronically missing milestones and deadlines
  • Poor productivity
  • A large number of safety incidents and violations
  • A lack of skilled workers or training
  • Change orders are not properly dealt with

In part two, we will wrap up our series with the last two contributors of low morale.

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