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4 Hiring Strategies to Beat the Labor Shortage

Good hires and skilled workers are hard to come by. According to the Associated General Contractors of America, “three-quarters of construction firms expect to have trouble finding skilled hourly workers.” Since there is an abundance of work, but few workers, our Tampa construction attorneys are providing four hiring strategies to help construction companies find the right talent to combat the labor shortage.

Tap Into Your Warm Market

Tap into your warm market—your current employees—that is. Tell your employees you are actively hiring and want their opinions on potential team members. Your employees may know someone looking for their first construction job or someone who already has years of experience but may be looking for a new opportunity. Asking your staff for employee recommendations can be a great morale booster because it conveys that you value their opinion.

Go Where the People Are

Most people are checking Facebook periodically so consider a paid Facebook ad to pinpoint people in your vicinity. You can program an ad or a job post to reach people based on organizations, interests, or even people on your friends list. Use Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media platforms to find people who can do the job but may not have been actively looking. These are your passive job seekers.

Use a Recruiting Agency

Find an agency that will only charge if they are able to deliver; then pay recruiters to find the ideal person for your position. At the end of the day, recruiters know people and they know where to look.

Colleges and Trade Schools

College campuses have programs and licensing classes for students. Aside from career training, students have access to a career center to inform students of job opportunities. The center will give students interview tips, and ensure students don’t get discouraged on the job hunt. Locate the schools nearest you and speak to their career center. Staff members are happy to notify graduating students of nearby opportunities with great companies.

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