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4 Indispensable Skills of an Effective Construction Manager Part 1

Construction managers are tasked with balancing a variety of duties on a job site. They are responsible for overseeing all on-site operations including the construction budget, personnel, and materials. As you can see, holding the title of construction manager alone is not enough to guarantee the success of a project.

Our Orlando construction attorneys believe that construction managers must possess a range of unique qualities to ensure their projects are successful. In part one of our series, we will discuss the importance of communication and delegation skills. In part two, we will discuss prioritizing and problem-solving skills.


Communication is especially important when it comes to construction projects and a lack thereof could easily derail a project. Because construction managers must have frequent communication with team members at all levels on a consistent basis, they must be able to correspond effectively by phone or by email or while facilitating meetings. Communicating clearly and confidently will create stronger relationships between workers and managers and ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal.


A construction project cannot function as a one-man show. This is why delegation is critical if projects are to be successfully executed. This will require a construction manager’s ability to trust others or else hinder business growth and set the entire project up for failure. Instead, they will delegate tasks based on the capabilities and specialized skills of their workers. This includes assigning leadership roles to key people so they can oversee specific areas on the job site. A skilled construction manager understands the importance of providing clear instructions, goals, and feedback. This will inspire others to do their best while achieving a common goal.

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