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4 Indispensable Skills of an Effective Construction Manager Part 2

Whether a project is big or small, construction managers are relied upon to provide strong leadership, effectively coordinate tasks, ensure compliance with building codes, and meet with clients, engineers, and inspectors.

Our Orlando construction attorneys understand the internal and external pressures faced by construction managers and know that skilled managers are ones that can manage people, adhere to safety standards, monitor budgets and costs, maintain project schedules, and more. All these skills including the ones discussed in this article and in part one are essential to the construction manager’s success.

Ability to Prioritize

Construction projects are multifaceted processes involving a number of different activities and specialized workers. Understanding the importance of these activities is essential to the success of any project. An effective construction manager must lay out the most optimal work schedule and execute the plan to the best of their abilities. In many instances, however, unforeseen circumstances, like unpredictable weather or logistical issues may arise. In these cases, project managers must assess their new situation and be able to prioritize their activities to ensure the project stays on track. Failure to adjust to these circumstances may derail the progress already made.

Problem Solver

Problem free construction projects are the minority. Due to the many moving parts, problems and obstacles are bound to occur. Project managers must be effective problem solvers that plan for the unknown. Better yet, they should be able to predict and forecast potential problems and have a plan of action for when they do happen. They need to adapt quickly to issues that may arise and devise strategies for based on different aspects of the project and for the individuals involved.

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