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4 Roofing Tools to Increase Employee Productivity

Everyone only gets 24 hours each day, and you know it’s essential to your business to make the most out of how your employees work. Efficiency is the key to making a profit. Along with advanced technology, better tools on the jobsite can help you retain your employees and keep them happy, safe, and productive.

A roofing lawyer in Florida gives you some insight into time-saving tools for your roofing business in this article.

1. Cap Nail Gun

Even now, there are plenty of debates over whether to use a hammer or nail gun. However, some efficiency can be gained with the speed of a cap nail gun. This tool is used to attach roofing felts, underlayment, and house wrap. Because the cap nail gun can fire multiple caps per second, it saves your workers time and unnecessary effort. A nail gun also allows workers to use only one hand to operate it, leaving the other hand free to help stabilize the worker for added safety.

2. Pneumatic Shingle Remover

Hand pushed, this tool resembles a small lawnmower and uses a prying motion to strip off shingles. It’s backed by air power and can take off two or three layers of shingles at a time. Because the machine does most of the work pulling up shingles, it saves your employees from straining their backs and may reduce the time they’re out with injuries.

3. Powered Metal Shears

Powered shears or nibblers boost precision when cutting metal for roof valleys, around chimneys, or near utilities. Shears and nibblers are usually powered by compressed air but electrical powered versions are also available. For larger jobs, tin snips are less efficient because strength and endurance go down as the employee moves through the cut.

4. Magnetic Sweeper

Cleanup can seem daunting after installing a new roof. It would take hours for an employee to pick up all the small pieces of metal left on the ground after removing an old roof. A magnetic sweeper with a broad magnetized surface can help speed up cleanup by attracting all the loose nails scattered around the property.

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