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5 Common Roofing Defects

Florida law requires all roofing work to be done by a licensed contractor, but a license isn’t a sure defense against roof defects. If you have questions, our Bradenton construction lawyers can help you understand current defect issues facing the roofing industry. Roofing defects, whether obvious (patent) or concealed (latent), lower the value of a structure and can cause substantial property damage as well as damage to your reputation as a roofing industry leader.

We’ll discuss some common roof defects you should be aware of.

1. Poor Workmanship

Many roof defects are a reflection of poor installation like improper fasting that may not be apparent right away. Poor installation can lead to interior structure damage and more.

2. Blistering

Shingle breakdown, poor ventilation, and moisture cause blistering. Once moisture collects, thermal heating in shingles can cause a blister to appear which can rupture eventually. Blistering leads to rotting, decaying, and roof deterioration.

3. Poor repair and maintenance

If there’s an already existing problem with a roof that needs repair, a hasty or improper repair solution can cause more damage. A lack of maintenance on the roof can also cause minor issues to become a huge problem like an expensive roof replacement.

4. Shrinkage

With single-ply roofs, shrinkage occurs when the flashing details and membranes pull apart from the structure leading to roof leakage and moisture damage.

5. Leaks

Roof leaks can occur because of standing water, poor seams, and the improper installation of flashing and moisture barriers; all of which can lead to interior structural damage and more.

Prevent Defects

Upon inspection, roofing defects are discoverable and punitive damages and repairs may be awarded by the court. They key is to prevent defects so you can avoid a claim. One way you can accomplish this is by properly inspecting roofing materials, following installation instructions, and adhering to manufacturer guidelines. It’s imperative you seek legal expertise regarding roof defects by connecting with a Bradenton construction attorney today.

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