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5 Good Habits of Professional Contractors

The construction industry tends to get a bad wrap because of its risky nature. Likewise, construction contractors get a bad wrap too for various reasons. But, you don’t have to be one of those contractors. Our Jacksonville construction attorneys have come across numerous contractors who are successful. We’ll share some of their good habits in this article.

They Get Everything in Writing

While some verbal contracts are legally binding, you don’t want to take any chances. Our Jacksonville construction lawyers know the value of a good contract. Use contract best practices to avoid carrying more risk than you bargained for. From the onset, make sure your client and any other parties understand and abide by the signed contract.

They Don’t Do Work for Free

Some contractors may decide to offer to do free work (including reducing prices) in the hopes that it would lead to more work in the future, but is this wise? In most cases, it may be counterproductive. Adjust your prices when necessary, but with wisdom. If a client refuses to pay when there is an agreement in place for payment, contact our Jacksonville construction lawyers for counsel.

They Stay on Top of Billing and File Liens When Necessary

Getting paid on time is a big issue in the construction industry. No matter what, always bill your client immediately, this way you speed up the process for payment, even if only on your end. You can also agree to payment terms before starting work to lessen the risk of nonpayment. To prevent nonpayment, you should always send preliminary notices. When all else fails, exercise your right to file a lien against the property.

They Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

Professional contractors have good customer service skills. They go above and beyond to ensure clients are satisfied. This means they will be flexible where necessary, within reason, and communicate with them regularly to get feedback.

They Manage Changes Well

Change orders and other additions need to be properly managed. It is critical to understand your contract and plans and to establish a change order file. It is also important to properly document them and get them approved by key persons.

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