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5 Indicators of Successful Construction Projects Part 1

Construction projects are unsuccessful for a myriad of reasons. They are comprised of different team members, which means that a project’s failure has to be viewed from those separate vantage points. There are, however, certain factors that contribute to the success of a construction project. In this article and part two, our Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys will provide a general overview of elements that lead to project success.

A Clearly Defined Scope of Work

A clear and concise scope of work will close the door to misinterpretation. The project’s overview, deliverables, scope, schedule, and other project management-related details (i.e., payments, changes orders, contract administration) should be precise so that contractors and subcontractors understand what you require. A scope of work helps keep the project on track and ensures that more accurate estimates are submitted. When writing the scope of work, focus on the following:

  • Language
  • Goals
  • Expectations and Requirements
  • Individual team requirements
  • All necessary signatures

Accurate Specifications

Just as important as the scope of work are the project specifications which need to be written early in the project’s lifecycle. The specifications must describe in great detail elements such as the scope of work, project materials, and installation methods. Just how specific are your project directives? As the project grows more complex, your specifications should grow and include those details. Since the specifications instruct parties on the details of the work and workmanship necessary to complete the project, ambiguity could easily lead to more risks including cost overruns and schedule delays. Like the scope of work, clear specifications means clearer pricing.

Working With Reputable Subcontractors

Quality workers lead to quality projects. Are you properly vetting subcontractors for your projects? How do you manage them once you bring them aboard? When selecting contractors, consider their experience, reputation, business structure, and processes. Their business should be well-run with a solid record of performance. The quality of the subcontractors you hire could greatly affect a project’s timelines and costs. So, building strong and long-term relationships with credentialed and reliable subcontractors is a surefire way to grow your business.

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