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5 Project Management Mistakes Made on Construction Jobsites Part 2 featured image

5 Project Management Mistakes Made on Construction Jobsites Part 2

As experienced Naples contractor lawyers, we are aware of the countless mistakes that can happen during a construction project. There are some mistakes that may be beyond anyone’s control, but there are some mistakes that can be traced back to poor project management. This two-part series lists common project management mistakes, many of which can be mitigated through better communication, planning, and embracing technological advancements created to streamline certain construction processes.
In part one, our Naples contractor attorneys focused on delay and safety mistakes. This second part will focus on mistakes in the areas of planning, communication, and project closeout (the punch list).

Poor Planning

Poor project planning is one of the main reasons why construction projects do not end successfully. Poor planning threatens the viability of your project and creates a domino effect resulting in:

  • Poor scheduling
  • Unclear project objectives
  • Mismanagement of resources
  • Poor risk management
  • Poor budgeting
  • Confusion amongst stakeholders
  • Dissatisfied customers

Properly forecasting every aspect of a project will keep project timelines and costs in line with contract projections.

Poor Communication

It is easy to focus on completing tasks to complete a project without much thought about communication. However, it is imperative that clear lines of communication are established at the beginning of a project and maintained throughout the entire project. Holding daily or weekly meetings is one of the best ways to keep everyone on the same page and catch mistakes before they happen.

Not Executing the Punch List Properly

How are you closing out your projects? Are you currently using a punch list or is your current punch list system inefficient? No matter how minor the change, it is critical that the construction punch list address items that need immediate attention before you can officially close out your project. Closing out a project the wrong way can extend your project deadlines and lead to costly errors.

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