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5 Skills to Excel in Construction Management Part 2

Although construction management is rooted in traditional project management practices, unique skills and professional knowledge are essential for the job. As a construction manager, you will not always know the type of obstacles you will face ahead of time, so it necessary for you to have certain skills to excel in your field. In part one, our Tampa construction lawyers discussed two important skills that construction managers need: the ability to stay calm under pressure and prioritize. This last part will focus on three more skills.

Solve Problems

In the construction industry, construction managers are commonly worried about fixing issues as efficiently as possible. Experienced project managers know that no project is entirely problem-free and should expect that not everything will go as planned. From project delays to overspending to safety issues, it is essential to properly plan for and control problems whether foreseeable or unforeseeable if you want to keep your project on track.


No matter what industry you work in, you will never escape the need for strong communication. Communication is especially important for the construction industry for many of the reasons we mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Construction managers will need to capably communicate with project managers, an assistant construction manager or project administrator, a site manager, and an in-house architect, to name a few. Strong collaboration skills will enable the construction manager to build and maintain relationships while encouraging two-way dialogue to ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Delegation skills are essential for construction managers. In fact, this skill goes hand-in-hand with prioritizing and communicating. Without this skill, a construction manager will be a poor team manager. Some managers may fail to delegate because they feel they can perform a task better, or they may not want to admit that they have knowledge gaps. It is critical that construction managers master delegation to make the best use of their team. This enables construction managers to focus on the big picture.

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