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5 Strategies for Completing Construction Projects on Time Part 1

Effective time management is critical for construction projects, big and small. No construction project is without problems. However, there is a difference between a minor mishap that can be mitigated fairly quickly compared to a major incident that could cause a damaging setback. Owners, contractors, and subcontractors alike stand to lose in different ways when a project goes south. This two-part series will present five strategies for completing projects on time. Skip ahead to part two for more strategies.

Strategy 1: Hire Reputable People

We know that a new project is typically coupled with pressure and eagerness to get started, but who you hire matters. Seek out credible contractors, subcontractors, and vendors if you want a successful project. Select professionals who are experienced and capable of performing the type of project you are working on. Inquire about their references and credentials. They should possess the proper licensing, bonding, and insurance. Inquire about previous projects, budgets, and whether they were completed on time. It’s also a good idea to look into how they handle disputes, but do not worry, our team of Brandon construction attorneys can help you with any dispute that may arise.

Strategy 2: Choose the Right Project Method

A project delivery method should be chosen before starting the project. Selecting the right method will make a difference in whether the project will stay on schedule or slowly derail. There are plenty of delivery systems to choose from including the design-build system, the construction management model, and the design-bid-build system. There are pros and cons to each such as accountability and the potential for miscommunication that should be taken into consideration when determining project timelines.

Strategy 3: Select the Right Project Materials

The materials you choose for your project is another big deal, especially when it comes to ordering them. Ordering at the wrong time can delay a project significantly. Delays can lead to delay claims which require the help of a skilled Brandon construction attorney to resolve. Do your homework in advance to get an idea of what materials could possibly have slow lead times so you can plan your project schedule accordingly. Things to consider when selecting materials include cost, durability, quality, availability, delivery timelines, and compatibility. You can even test some materials out ahead of time especially if you are using a new supplier. This will give you an opportunity to use alternatives should the need arise.

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