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5 Strategies for Completing Construction Projects on Time Part 2

Our Lakeland construction attorneys have represented numerous contractors in disputes related to project delays. The culprit for these delays are sometimes due to a lack of planning and management. We know it takes well-thought out strategies to ensure projects are completed within established timeframes and have come up with some strategies to help you execute construction projects better.

We wrap up this two-part series with the fourth and fifth strategy. Feel free to visit part one to learn about the first few strategies.

Strategy 4: Plan for Unexpected Changes

Poor planning will derail a project before it even gets started. Be proactive by doing what needs to be done early. For example, when there are a lot of construction projects going on, it is likely that getting permits may take longer. Failing to pull appropriate permits can lead to legal trouble of which a skilled Lakeland construction lawyer can assist you with. Secure permits as early as you can so breaking ground will not be delayed. Set aside time to communicate with everyone from the designer, to the engineer, down to the subcontractors to get an idea of everyone’s unique timetable. Plan for the unexpected in the following ways:

  • Transparency: be transparent about the effect of changes early on.
  • Identify: get an idea of the changes that have a high chance of occurring and think of ways to address them.
  • Budget: budget for the unexpected in case you have to make quick decisions on changes.
  • Cut off: for intentional changes, create a boundary for when they are no longer allowed to impede the project.
  • Analyze: pay attention to what changes occurred, document them, and find ways to minimize, eliminate, and accommodate them on your next project.

Strategy 5: Contract During a Slower Season

You may be wondering what the seasons have to do with completing a project on time, but the answer is plenty. Spring and summer months tend to be popular for projects for a number of reasons, including favorable weather. Pursuing projects in less busy months is advantageous for several reasons. In the slower months, many construction professionals are freed up from busier project periods and there is less demand for permits. You will have more access to labor and probably at more favorable pricing. Builders and subcontractors are less likely to be pulled in different project directions which increases your project pickings.

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