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5 Things To Know About Exemptions From Licensure

As a contractor, it is very beneficial for you to know about the different exemptions from licensure. As your Lakeland construction lawyers, we’ve compiled an overview of common exemptions from licensure that everyone in construction should be aware of.

1. Owner/Builder Exemption

Owner/Builder Exemption- In accordance with 489.103(7)(a)(b), an owner is allowed construction of a single family residence, regardless of value, and commercial improvements of up to $75,000. An owner’s written statement requiring personal use of any residence for a person of at least one year is set forth in the statute.

2. Jim Walter Exemption

Jim Walter Exemption- 489.117(4)(e) states that any person that is not required to acquire registration or certification in accordance with 489.105(3)(d)-(0) may perform specialty contracting services for the construction, remodeling, repair, or improvement of single-family residences without obtaining a local professional license if the person is under the supervision of a certified or registered general contractor.

3. Big Boy Exemption

Big Big Exemption- 489.119(8) gives an exemption from licensure for any entities that employ a licensed contractor for any construction improvements on their own property and have a net worth of $20 million. This exemption is typically for theme parks, like Disney or Universal. For more examples of the Big Boy extension, consult with your Lakeland construction lawyer.

4. Developer Exemption

Developer Exemption- in accordance with 489.105(6) this exemption permits the owner of any legal interest to offer and contract to sell completed single-family residential units. This can be done whether or not it’s completed at the time of the contract, as long as the actual construction is performed by a licensed contractor.

5. Handyman Exemption

Handyman Exemption- 489.103(9) permits “handymen” to work without professional licensure. Any work or operation of a casual, minor, or inconsequential nature in which the contract price for labor, materials, and all other items is less than $1,000 this exemption does not apply.

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