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5 Tips To Prevent Construction Disputes

If you’re a general contractor, or work in the construction industry, chances are you’re familiar with disputes. A dispute between two parties can quickly escalate, leading to litigation or arbitration cases, something that can be stressful for all parties involved. Luckily, as your Clearwater construction lawyers, we can recommend a few tips for you can keep in mind to avoid getting into any future disputes.

1. Only Take Jobs You Know How To Do

This one seems simple enough, but this is something that frequently happens. If you are offered a job that is outside of your realm of expertise, you have two options. Get educated in the matter, fast, or just pass on the job. If you have no prior knowledge or experience on this particular job, it can come back to haunt you in the form of an unhappy client.

2. Install A Clear Scope Of Work

Every new project should begin with a clear definition of your scope of work, what will be performed, and what your client’s expectations are. Spend extra time in the beginning going over all the details and grey areas, including a payment schedule, to avoid issues later. It would also be beneficial to go over any possible delays that may arise.

3. Follow Your Instincts

As a contractor, you may sometimes get the feeling that a job is going to be more trouble than it’s worth, or your experience tells you there is potential for problems, but you take the job anyway. Follow your instincts, and save yourself you from foreseeable disputes.

4. Contracts, Contracts, Contracts

Use a written contract. This tip can not be expressed enough. Seek the counsel of a Clearwater construction attorney to help you and the other party draw up a solid contractual agreement. Make sure the contract is fully completed, agreed upon, and signed.

5. Should You Do Work For Friends And Family?

Working for friends and family can be great, but there are some times when it can work against you. If a dispute arises here, it will be worth more than just a loss of money.

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