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5 Ways Contractors Can Focus on Professional Development in Slow Times

Every business, including construction companies, has slow periods where business is light and there is more downtime than usual. While it may be tempting for construction companies to let their workers rest and take time to catch up on old paperwork, there are important things that you can do during this time. These slow periods are the best time for construction workers and managers to focus on professional development that they otherwise cannot complete while working on projects. In this article, a Nashville OSHA defense attorney discusses five ways contractors can focus on professional development during slow times.

OSHA Training

Times away from active construction projects can be used to complete different levels of OSHA training. While most construction workers with project experience are likely familiar with OSHA regulations and best practices, it can never hurt to retrain in those areas. This is especially true for new construction workers as well as workers that are looking to move up into management positions. Construction managers also have higher levels of OSHA training that they can take as well. Since work is light, your company can send any people in need of training to get the appropriate OSHA training. 

This is also one of the best ways to avoid the need for a Nashville OSHA defense lawyer, as you’ll be reducing the likelihood of possible violations happening because of poor training. OSHA violations can be a major problem for construction companies. While your company can resolve and prevent a lot of them on its own, it’s the skills of your staff that ultimately keep people from getting hurt. Making sure that your entire construction team is well trained in safety best practices reduces the chances of anyone getting hurt. 

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Construction Management Training

While every worker thinks that they have the experience and the knowledge to be in a management position, managing part or all of the company is a specialized skill that needs to be developed. Without proper training, construction companies can experience serious problems because of management decisions. Therefore, any staff member that wants to stay in or move up to a construction management position should be enrolled in construction management training.

There are many parts of the management process that most staff members are not involved in, including managing schedules, overseeing work, and coordinating worksite safety programs. If any of these areas falls short of the required work, it can lead to major problems within the company. This is not a position where staff members would be expected to pick up the skills that they need on the job. A program to get potential managers the training that they need, on the other hand, is an effective way of recruiting from within while also improving the overall skills of the construction crew.

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Conferences and Industry Events

Although conferences and industry events are not always viable options, they can be an effective way to improve your skills away from work. Every year, there are conferences and industry events held in person and online to showcase the state of the industry and any new developments. Staying up to date on these developments can be the key to keeping your construction company relevant in a changing world. 

Conferences are also an effective way to grow your business, especially if you are one of the presenters at the conference. It’s a fast way to get industry recognition and raise brand awareness. That way, your company will be widely known amongst other professionals and by the public for being a leader in the industry. 

Some of the most well-known companies in the construction industry organize trade events regularly. More and more of these companies are doing them online and making it easier for others to participate. Use this to your company’s advantage to organize an event or find a way to be involved in one of the bigger trade shows. The connections made there can be the key to finding more work in the future. 

Learn New Technologies

Technology changes continuously, and staying up-to-date is one of the best ways to improve your prospects as a construction worker or contractor. A contractor with a wide range of technology specialties can have an easier time finding work. It also makes it easier to adopt new technologies quickly. The potential improvement in work performance that new technology can bring is worth the investment in training and practice whenever possible. 

This is a common practice in the construction industry over time. As new technologies become available, companies have to invest in training and acquiring those new technologies. Avoiding this fact means that your company will be left behind. Alternatively, your company could be one of the first to adopt new technology and find itself at the cutting edge of development. Developers looking to make substantial improvements in their construction operations and property owners who want to find better, more affordable ways of completing construction often look for companies that use the latest and most efficient technologies.

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Get New Certifications

Certifications are one of the most important qualifications that construction companies and construction workers can have. When work is light, it’s the perfect time to start working on new certifications. In many cases, it may be possible to acquire a new certification before work picks up again. 

There are many certifications that someone in the construction industry can acquire. Some of the most versatile are OSHA certifications. Having more OSHA training makes it easier to move into management positions since companies see staff members with a high level of safety training as an investment in safety and preventing violations. 

There are many more ways that construction companies can use downtime to their advantage. Many companies use this time to improve their legal processes, including how they develop contracts by working with a Nashville construction arbitration lawyer. If you have questions about how to improve your company’s internal operations and professional standing, contact a Nashville construction litigation attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

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