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6 Apps for Worker Safety Part 1

We all know that the pursuit of safety is critical in the construction industry. This due to the dangerous nature of the profession. However, maintaining a completely safe environment can be challenging at times, because the construction industry is full of deadlines. Work needs to get done yesterday and when you are pushing to complete parts of a project, it’s easy to cut corners. This is where accidents happen.

A trend that our Brandon construction attorneys are seeing is the emergence of smartphone apps as tools for making jobsites safe. There are many apps to choose from, however we decided to focus on six that are easy to use and highly effective. For the second part of this list, visit part two of this series.

SPLnFFT Noise Meter

Considered one of the best noise meters on the market, the SPLnFFT Noise Meter measures sound accurately and alerts you if the sounds you are working around are above 85 dB. It’s at this point where your will need to wear personal protective equipment over your ears per OSHA policy.

Scribe for OSHA

To maintain compliance, you need to report incidents as soon as they happen. Scribe makes this easy by helping you collect information, find the nearest OSHA office and email information to all appropriate parties. The app can also inform you if OSHA needs to be notified about an incident. If you have questions about OSHA compliance, contact a Brandon construction attorney at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

First Aid: American Red Cross

This invaluable app is filled with information about first aid scenarios and how to address them. It teaches users about first aid information with interactive quizzes and offers tips for emergency preparedness.

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