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6 Benefits of Cameras on Construction Sites Part 1

It’s no secret that the construction site is a complex setting. There are skilled artisans of various types working to create a safe structure. There are people of various skill sets, backgrounds, and experience running around a site performing a number of tasks. Most importantly, there are investors watching closely to ensure that they receive a return on their investment. It’s certain that construction is as lucrative as it is difficult to manage. Tools are needed to make site management more effective. One tool that’s seeing more use in a variety of ways is the surveillance camera.

The surveillance camera is hardly new technology but hasn’t always been applied to the construction site. As a matter of fact, it’s not very easy to use a camera on a jobsite. Most sites are rugged environments with limited access to electricity. However, with new technology such as solar-powered cameras, this has become much easier.

There are a number of benefits that cameras can provide to construction companies that can allow them to run projects more efficiently and safely. To help identify those benefits, our Tampa construction attorneys created this two-part series. For more benefits, visit part two.

Workflow Management

Cameras can be used to monitor the progress on jobsites. This is not as much about checking in on workers as it as about analyzing patterns. Seeing which scenarios yield the most positive results and identifying issues that are inhibiting progress. This data can be used to adjust workflow and help projects work faster and with less interruption.


Have you ever seen those cool time lapse videos of sunsets or of downtown areas? These videos can be used for construction sites as well. With a little video production, a time lapse video can be a dynamic presentation for potential buyers into a community or a commercial real estate area. Video can also be used to show potential buyers weekly progress in order to generate excitement about a community.

Dispute Resolution

It has been said that the “eye in the sky doesn’t lie.” Surveillance cameras can capture issues on the jobsite and the video can be passed on to a Tampa construction lawyer should you ever have to make or defend a claim.

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