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6 Benefits of Cameras on Construction Sites Part 2

Video camera surveillance on the construction site is about more than just preventing workers from taking home materials and tools, although that is an important function. There are many ways that surveillance cameras can impact construction projects and allow contractors to be better at their jobs.

In the first part of this series, we discussed how video cameras can be used to gather workflow data, market projects in a more dynamic way, and help solve disputes. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. With features such as time-lapse video and connection to the cloud, these tools are reshaping how construction is done.

Ensure That Safety Procedures Are Followed

For general contractors or safety officers, it’s impossible to be in all places at once. That means that there are potential safety violations that you are not catching. And while you may not see it, it takes one visit from OSHA or one employee complaint to cost your company thousands of dollars. Surveillance cameras are being used to catch safety violations and to help determine root causes of injuries. These videos are then used to adjust or eliminate procedures to make the workplace safer. If you have questions about how to stay safe and OSHA-compliant on the jobsite, contact a St. Petersburg construction attorney at Cotney Attorney & Consultants today.

Protect Materials

The reality of the construction site is that theft is fairly prevalent. Items often “go missing” during the course of a project. While the loses are incremental, they can add up over time. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that the construction industry loses approximately $1 billion per year in materials and equipment. Not only can cameras capture thieves in action, the presence of a camera can serve as a deterrent.

Improve Communications

Ideally, stakeholders should remain in regular communication with the most accurate information that allows them to make good decisions. The use of video allows all parties to view the project in a more profound way. They are better able to spot issues and collaborate on solutions. Video keeps everyone in the loop on a project’s progress so that there are no misunderstandings.

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