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6 Benefits of Digital Documents Part 1

As Brandon construction attorneys, we’ve worked with many construction companies and one common theme permeates all companies- paperwork dominates their business. Most companies in our industry are drowning in it. Since construction has historically been a paperwork-heavy industry, contractors rarely question it. However, it’s impact has bogged down many projects over the years.

Technology in the construction industry holds the promise of a more efficient workplace and a more effective workforce. While innovations such as drones and driverless trucks are starting to enter the construction site, digital documents are already making an impact. Construction teams are currently using digital documents for contracts, site plans, and daily logs, among many other items.

Benefits of Digital Documents

If you have not converted your most important documents to digital files, you may want to consider it. The list of benefits include:

Organization and Access: Even the most meticulous contractors can have issues maintaining paper files. Paper files get lost. At times, they get destroyed. A digital system ensures that, even at it’s most basic level, each document has a place. Your level of organization will only enhance your ability to locate documents quickly. Additionally, digital document can exist in the cloud, allowing multiple people to access and collaborate on documents.

Access to information away from the office: At times, blueprints, daily logs, change orders, and other important documentation needs to be accessed on the construction site. While paper files can always be provided, if the document owner (a general contractor or architect, for example) is not on the site with the person who needs the document (perhaps a subcontractor), time is wasted. With a digital document solution, important documents can be accessed from anywhere.

Reduces disputes: When contracts and plans are moved to the cloud, they are easily accessed and reviewable by all parties. If potential disputes arise, they can easily be settled by reviewing a clearly-written document. Also, documents such as daily reports can be kept digitally and, if necessary, gathered by a Brandon construction lawyer, who can represent you when submitting or defending against a claim.

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