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6 Benefits of Hiring Veterans in Construction Part 2

The popular marketing slogan, “Army Strong” exist for a reason. Members of our military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, train extensively and make immense sacrifices to protect our freedom. When they leave the military the bring with them a set of skills that can enhance any construction company.

In the first part of our series on the benefits of hiring veterans in the construction industry, our Jacksonville construction lawyers discussed how the training that veterans receive in the military prepares them for a career in construction. Some veterans have specific construction skills while others have transferable skills. They all bring an intense work ethic to jobsite. Below are a few more reasons why you should establish a program to recruit veterans to your company.

Previous Construction Experience

Many veterans have construction experience stemming from their time in the military. These skills are immediately transferable to a leadership position in construction. Additionally, this experience may have come in tense situations. A veteran will be able to utilize leadership and experience on the jobsite to help your company achieve success.

Commitment to Team

One of the most important concepts taught in the armed services is camaraderie. Veterans learned early on that it requires a team of people doing their jobs well in order to accomplish a goal. Veterans have an expectation of carrying that attitude into the workplace. Veterans will hold themselves and others accountable and be a great teammate.

Understanding Diversity

Members of our military represent all races, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Each day, they work side by side to protect our country. The construction site is a diverse place as well. A veteran will come in and handle this well. In a leadership position, they will be able to establish rapport among all parties. This will lead to the success of your projects.

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