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6 Characteristics of Quality Roofing Contractors

As construction lawyers in Jacksonville, we are advocates for the roofing industry. We are aware of the resources available to consumers to help them choose the right roofing contractors. As a roofer, you’re evaluated on the services you provide. You also face legal issues when you fail to provide quality service. Do you want to be known as a quality professional? Analyze your business to see if you meet the following characteristics of quality roofing contractors.

1. Proper Credentials

You’re required to have a license issued by the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB). Display your up-to-date license number where necessary. Understand registered and certified requirements as well. Show that you are licensed and approved by reputable roofing manufacturers.

2. Connected

Connect with like-minded professionals. Professional roofing organizations exist to assist those in the roofing industry. The Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors Association (FRSA) is just one great option. Roofing organizations will provide you with resources for your business, benefits, discounts, and more. Membership is like a seal of professionalism you’ll want to convey to consumers.

3. Insured

Workers compensation and liability insurance are a must. Customer will feel secure knowing that you are insured. Cover your temporary workers as well. Have your certificates ready in case a customer requests them.

4. Excellent References

Most businesses gain their customers through word-of-mouth. If you leave a trail of happy customers, it’s likely you’ll secure future business. Have a list of satisfied clients on hand. Even better, request that clients leave testimonials for others to read. If you have any complaints against you, remedy them quickly.

5. Provide Warranties

Roofs are an expensive investment for consumers. Naturally they’ll want some assurance that all will go well. If something does go wrong, you should have solutions. Warranties and guarantees make customers feel more secure. When you take pride in your work you will take measures to ensure customer satisfaction. There are different types of warranties: A shingle warranty, a workmanship warranty, installation warranty, and a manufacturer’s warranty.

6. Well-Written Proposals

Provide customers with a written proposal explaining the entire work and specifications. Your proposal should include items like the following:

  • Project start date and completion
  • Cost of labor and materials
  • Proof of licensing
  • Types of products and materials

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