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6 Reasons Why Projects Need Readjustments Part 3

As any construction professional knows, whether it’s a need for an extension, additional finances, or building requirements, sometimes projects need to pivot and make adjustments in order to be completed effectively. There are many reasons why this can happen. In this three-part article, we are featuring six of the main reasons why this transpires.

In the first section, we discussed owner and contractor requested changes. In the second section, we discussed design changes and design mistakes that result in the need for adjustments. In this final section, we will discuss building material issues and how to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Contractors should always remember to seek the counsel of an experienced Florida construction lawyer. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our Florida construction lawyers have intimate experience drafting, reviewing, and revising construction contracts.

Building Material Problems

The materials selected for the project in the design phase can greatly impact the project’s budget. If there is a shortage of the materials available during construction, the contractor may be forced to go a different route with a more expensive material. In other cases, the contractor may opt to substitute one material for another type of material that they prefer. If a supplier wasn’t able to offer a fair market value of the desired material, the contractor may need to choose a more cost-effective direction.

Depending on the price of the material being replaced, if the new material costs more, the contractor should request for this budget increase by utilizing a change order. Adversely, if the owner desires a different more expensive material to be installed during construction, the contractor should request extra compensation to adjust for the price of this material as well. The materials, equipment, and labor utilized to complete a project can greatly impact the overall budget and call for readjustments and change order applications along the way.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Every contractor will experience unanticipated interruptions to the building process from time to time. In some cases, the design did not accurately depict how much time would be needed to complete a task. Perhaps the contractor needed more building materials than they anticipated to complete an assignment or the materials arrived late to the construction site. On some projects, maybe the plumbing and electrical wiring needed to be repaired or relocated to another area of the property. Unforeseen circumstances could include anything from undesirable soil conditions to unknown foundation problems to an asbestos issue in the insulation. Any of these unforeseen elements can create the need for a contractor to readjust and submit a change order request to deal with the problem.

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