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6 Security Tips for Construction Sites Part 2

Construction sites are targets for theft. It’s an unfortunate part of our industry. Jobsites are frantically busy during the day so no one notices when materials go missing. At night, construction sites are left largely unattended. Bigger items are rarely stolen, but tools and materials like copper are the focus of thieves. While they may seem like small losses compared to the magnitude of most construction projects, the impact over time can be significant. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, $1 billion in construction equipment is stolen each year.

As Clearwater construction attorneys, we have seen the impact that theft can have on construction projects. We’ve also seen a number of best practices used to curb theft. Below are three tips that all construction managers should consider. For more tips, visit part one of this series.

Build a Fence

Fencing, while penetrable, will serve as a deterrent for would-be thieves. It sends a clear message that your construction site is a restricted area and it’s a barrier that may slow thieves down long enough for someone to notice and contact law enforcement.

Protect Your Vehicles

There are a number of ways to protect your vehicles. The most simple deterrent is locking it when not in use. However, there are other useful methods to consider, like installing a hidden switch to kill the ignition, if needed. Sensors may also be used to alert you if a vehicle is being moved during off hours. The use of an alarm can also deter thieves.

Control Access to the Construction Site

Any Clearwater construction attorney can tell you, open construction sites invite thieves to either blend in during the day or come back at night when no one is around. This can be alleviated by putting measures in place to control who’s on the jobsite. Consider providing off-site parking for all employees, subcontractors, and guests. Limit the amount of access points to the construction site. You may also set up check-in areas at these access points.

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