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6 Things the Construction Industry Needs to Know About Millennials Part 1 featured image

6 Things the Construction Industry Needs to Know About Millennials Part 1

Attracting the attention of millennial workers and maintaining their interest is a challenge for the construction industry. Construction professionals tasked with the responsibility of recruiting millennial talent will fair better with a greater understanding of what makes this generation tick. Our Orlando construction attorneys would like to present six things the industry needs to know about millennials as they seek out new talent. Skip ahead to part two to learn more.

1. They Are Innovative

Millennials want to work for companies that embrace innovation. This means that construction managers must give workers some freedom to share ideas and reward those ideas. At the rate that the construction industry is advancing, the need for cutting-edge technology, better decision-making systems, and innovative methods is increasing. This will, in turn, make projects faster and better as well as decrease project costs.

2. They Are Tech Savvy

As time goes on, technology gets more sophisticated. Since millennials have grown up with more access to technology, they naturally gravitate towards it in their work environments. Why use traditional methods when a more efficient method can be utilized? The key is to use a combination of technology and personal interaction to balance the different generations on the jobsite.

3. They Want Balance

Millennials are looking for work-life balance. It is well known that working in the construction industry can be stressful at times due to the long hours, rigid schedules, and demanding work conditions. It is simply about deadlines and the bottom line. This lack of work life balance leads to substance abuse, increased time away from family, and mental health problems. In order to compete, construction companies must find ways to encourage this balance in the lives of their employees. This could include incorporating a compressed work week option, for example.

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