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6 Things the Construction Industry Needs to Know About Millennials Part 2 featured image

6 Things the Construction Industry Needs to Know About Millennials Part 2

As older construction workers leave the industry, millennials are becoming the dominant generation in today’s workforce. Employers want to ensure that the people they hire align with the company’s vision and goals, and millennials want to make meaningful contributions and want to know that they are valued by their employer. For a win-win situation, companies must take action to ensure they are engaging these workers. This article concludes our two-part series. Refer back to part one to learn about the characteristics of the millennial workforce.

4. They Like Collaboration

Construction has many moving parts, so communication is critical. From engineers to general contractors to subcontractors, each team has its own goals and way of doing things. This could sabotage a project if there is a failure to come together for the common purpose and make processes more efficient. Our Orlando construction lawyers understand that with collaboration, project flaws can be corrected, delays reduced, defects prevented, and fewer disputes will occur. Additionally, teams will see improved quality and increased profits.

5. They Like to Be Challenged

Millennials have been labeled as lazy and disloyal; however, they are actually hard workers who desire to be challenged. If these workers aren’t given opportunities to learn and excel in their career, they will seek out other companies that will provide them with these types of opportunities. Providing this generation with career tracks for advancement, competitive pay, and support of educational and training opportunities, will increase their likelihood of sticking around.

6. They Want Feedback

Constructive feedback is a great way to stay engaged with younger workers. Many millennials grew up in environments where they received more support from adults such as their parents, teachers, and sports coaches. As a result, they thrive on constant feedback so they will know what they are doing wrong immediately so they can pivot. This is driven by the need to learn more and to be an above-average performer.

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