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6 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Subcontractor Part 2

In this two-part article series, a Jacksonville construction lawyer is offering some tips on things a general contractor should consider before hiring a subcontractor. In the first part, we covered licensing and insurance. In this part, we will discuss how to screen the candidate effectively to ensure you are hiring a competent professional. Remember, a Jacksonville construction attorney can assist you with any of your construction project needs.

Safety Measures

When hiring a subcontractor, you need to ensure that safety is one of their top priorities. During the screening process, you should ask the subcontractor specific questions related to your project and how they would approach the process. This at least gives you an idea of whether or not they are competent at performing their tasks and following the right safety procedures. If you hire a careless subcontractor, it can not only impact your project and the safety of your workers, it could also result in a costly, burdensome OSHA citation.

Request Referrals

In any type of career screening process, the person hiring should always request that the applicant provide referrals. If the prospective subcontractor doesn’t oblige by this request, it’s an immediate red flag that they are likely either a difficult person to work with or not as experienced as they claim to be. When you receive referrals from the applicant, this also gives you a great opportunity to find out more about the types of projects they have worked on in the past and whether or not they are a great fit for your job.

Online Research

With technology at our fingertips, you can find out a lot about an applicant from some basic web research. For example, if you visit construction board websites, you can find out if there are any complaints or negative reviews about the prospective subcontractor. If you research their criminal background, you can learn if they have a criminal record or have been arrested for a serious crime before like fraud. Even personal social media pages can tell you valuable information about a person before you hire them.

Do You Have a Contract?

The final step to hiring a qualified subcontractor is to draft a contract and have the applicant put pen to paper. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, a Jacksonville construction lawyer can create a contract that clearly establishes the subcontractor’s objectives and expectations for the project while also protecting your best interests.

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