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6 Tips for Hitting Your Construction Deadlines

With the trend of construction projects becoming increasingly complex and requiring more and more specialized and skilled workers, construction firms are going to continue to feel the pressure of looming deadlines. The consequences of failing to meet a deadline can be catastrophic for even the most steadfast of companies. 

For this reason, we will be providing six tips for contractors that are looking to hit their deadlines. To ensure that your company avoids delays, legal disputes, and bankruptcy, consult with a Naples construction attorney at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants. 

1. Properly Estimate the Scope of Work

While every project is unique, contractors must do their best to accurately estimate the project timeline. Breaking down the project into phases and accounting for how contractors and subcontractors will be interacting can be crucial for mitigating problems before they arise. Our Naples construction lawyers can draft a contract for you that effectively defines the scope of work, setting the stage for a smooth construction project. 

Construction cost estimating software can be excellent for determining the overall cost of a project, but it’s important not to forget the human component of a project. Determining the schedules of your workers, specialized workers in particular, can be just as important for hitting a deadline as an accurate budget.

2. Keep Communications Open 

When scope creep does occur, you can still hit your deadline by communicating with all applicable parties and adjusting projects accordingly. Issues like material shortages and inclement weather can never be completely planned for, but they can be worked around. For this reason, it’s imperative that you remain adaptable and properly communicate with your subcontractors to mitigate emerging problems. 

3. Promote Safety

Under the pressure of a deadline, many construction firms make the mistake of forgoing worker safety in favor of getting a job done faster. The short term benefits of setting aside safety don’t compare to the long term consequences of having a worker injured on your jobsite. OSHA inspections, lawsuits, and a decrease in worker morale are sure to cause project delays. Finding a system that works in unison with, not in spite of, safety standards will create a steady and predictable workflow that will help you hit your current deadlines and better predict future deadlines. If a worker is ever injured on your jobsite, consult with a Naples contractor attorney immediately. 

4. Attracting and Retaining Skilled Labor 

The construction industry’s labor shortage is quite possibly the most widespread obstacle that contractors have to contend with. According to 2019’s Commercial Construction Index report, 70 percent of contractors are struggling to meet schedule requirements due to labor shortages. This results in contractors turning down projects, putting in higher bids for projects, and asking workers to do more work.

No doubt you are feeling the pressure of the labor shortage. Employing temporary workers is only a bandaid. In order to consistently hit your deadlines, you will need to attract and retain a new generation of workers. You can do this by offering workers competitive pay and a viable career path. It will take time, but you can overcome the challenges of the labor shortage by embracing methodologies that set you apart from your competitors. 

5.  Technology

Although it may be a while until exoskeletons are on every construction site, wearables and drones are viable tools that can be purchased and utilized today. Wearables can track workers and alert contractors if they’ve been injured, and drones can survey sites from incredible heights without the need to place a worker in danger. 

Not all technological advancements are in the form of physical equipment. Construction software, such as project management software and the cost estimating software mentioned above, can have a huge impact on how you manage and approach projects. Project management software can allow you to view project performance in real time, so you can address delays, overscheduling, and other issues as they occur. 

6. Invest in a Dispute Resolution Arbitrator 

Even with proper planning, the latest in technology and management software, and proper communication, disputes will always arise that threaten to keep you from hitting your deadlines. Whether an owner runs out of money, a subcontractor does subpar work, or a designer produces flawed plans, these disputes threaten to turn construction projects into a legal battle that can last for years. The best way to ensure that you hit all of your deadlines is to partner with a Naples construction lawyer capable of providing experienced arbitration services

Construction disputes rarely escalate to the courtroom. More often than not, disputes are decided by the expertise of an arbitrator. To ensure that disputes don’t get in the way of project completion, partner with the Naples contractor lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, where all alternative dispute resolution services are offered at a fixed rate with no surprise fees.  

If you would like to speak with one of our Naples contractor attorneys, please contact us today.

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