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6 Ways a Construction Attorney Can Assist You With a Bid Protest Part 4 featured image

6 Ways a Construction Attorney Can Assist You With a Bid Protest Part 4

In this four-part series, a Charlotte bid protest lawyer is discussing several of the benefits of working with an experienced legal professional when filing a bid protest. In sections one, two, and three, we covered everything from the short deadline to protest an awarded contract to the post-award debriefing process. In this final section, we will focus on more of the benefits of partnering with a Charlotte bid protest attorney when you want to submit a bid protest.

5: How Do I Submit a Bid Protest?

It’s important that contractors understand that filing a bid protest requires compliance with a variety of strictly enforced laws and regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in your ineligibility to be considered for a corrective action. When you submit your bid protest, an experienced attorney can ensure that your protest includes all relevant legal documents to ensure your bid protest meets the standards set by the agency.

6: What Happens After I Submit a Bid Protest?

Although the process is slightly different depending on the agency that you submitted the protest with, after you submit your protest, the agency will review the bid protest and provide an agency report typically within 30 days of receiving the protest. During this time, your attorney will need to correspond with the agency that is reviewing your bid protest. Here are some common areas in which an attorney can assist a contractor during this process:

  • Document Requests: The agency evaluating the bid protest may request additional documents or provide additional documents for your review. An attorney will know how to interact with the agency’s legal counsel throughout this process. If a protective order is in place, you will require the services of an attorney to review these sealed documents.
  • Additional Grounds of Protest: Once the agency responds to the bid protest, their response may support your claim or provide new information that is additional grounds for protest. An attorney can analyze this agency report and determine an appropriate course of action with this new information.
  • Corrective Actions: The agency may acknowledge that corrective action is needed during the evaluation process. In other cases, the agency may want to resolve the issue through alternative dispute resolution. An experienced attorney will understand how to manage any of these situations as they arise.

If you believe that a government agency failed to comply with the terms of a procurement process, consult with a Charlotte bid protest lawyer today. At Cotney Construction Law, we can submit a bid protest on your behalf. If you were awarded a contract, we can also provide you with defense against a bid protest.

If you would like to speak with a Charlotte bid protest attorney, please contact us today.

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