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6 Ways Contractors Can Reduce Job-Related Stress Part 1 featured image

6 Ways Contractors Can Reduce Job-Related Stress Part 1

Whether you operate your business as a sole proprietor or manage a small or large C-Corporation, LLC, or Partnership, construction work is difficult. Pressure can come on every side. Job conflict, job ambiguity, and job overload can also contribute to your stress.

As Tallahassee construction lawyers, we know that unmanaged stress can create problems in the areas of health, safety, productivity, profitability, and more. When things go wrong — and they will — you have to be proactive about mitigating job-related stress. This two-part article will tell you how.

Make Communication a Priority

Construction work is a male-dominated industry with an undeniable stigma surrounding mental health. In a “tough guy” culture, some may feel uncomfortable discussing the stresses they are facing, but getting help is the first step in finding relief. If you are facing a work-related problem, reach out to your manager first. If you are facing issues on a personal level, seek guidance from an expert or a trusted peer or family member.

Take a Break

When working in construction, it is easy to crumble under the constant pressures of meeting deadlines, staying within budgets, and meeting client demands. Working continuously under high amounts of stress or working a particular job for many years can cause mental fatigue and burnout. If you let it, construction work can demand more than you are able to give. Learn to take a break and recharge, whether it is a scheduled lunch, short rest break, more sleep, or scheduling vacation time.

Learn to Delegate

When you are tasked with managing other people, it can be easy to try to do everything and meet every demand yourself. However, you must set realistic expectations and avoid overloading yourself. Mastering the art of delegation can empower others to do great work while you focus your energies on other critical areas. Effective delegation requires mapping out what needs to be done, assigning the work, confirming that employees understand the assignment, and confirming that the results will be delivered by a set completion date.
In part two, our Tallahassee construction lawyers will share a few more ways that construction contractors can manage their job-related stress.

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