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6 Ways Contractors Can Use Drones in Construction Projects Part 2 featured image

6 Ways Contractors Can Use Drones in Construction Projects Part 2

We’ve seen in the headlines how drones offer a promising way for those in construction to save time and improve safety–and our Florida construction attorneys are advocates for improving safety on construction sites. Not to mention, projects will run much more efficiently and customers will be served in more innovative ways. In part one of our series we discussed how contractors can use drones to market, inspect, and perform surveys. In this second part, we’ll discuss three more ways drones can be used by contractors.

Update from Afar

Drones can cut jobsite visits down drastically. Constant visits to the jobsite can be costly and time-consuming over time; not to mention interruptive for contractors. Traditionally, updates are given via photos taken from ground levels. With drones, contractors can keep clients informed of progress via aerial views of the project, giving clients updates from different angles and altitudes.

Roofing Work

Roofing contractors can benefit from drone use too. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), using drones will lessen roofing contractors exposure to hazards. Drones can be used in the roofing industry to evaluate existing roofs and to prepare estimates on new roofs. Additionally, drones can be used to conduct thermal imaging and measure reflectivity performance.

Monitoring Multiple Sites

As a busy contractor, you cannot be in every place at one time. Using drones can help you effectively monitor sites in your absence. Instead of relying on foremen and inspectors for updates, you can get regular views of the jobsite. This will ensure that the project is progressing as scheduled. It will also give you the ability to see what has and hasn’t been done so you can address discrepancies and delegate appropriately.

Contractors need to know which drones to invest in and how to operate them safely. Furthermore, our Florida construction attorneys recommend contractors plan how they will incorporate drones into their workflow and plan to collaborate with their teams for more efficiency. Getting certified and following industry regulations is critical to their success.

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