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7 Types of Tennessee Contractor Licenses Part 2

In Tennessee, there are several different types of contractor licenses available. They depend on the amount of money invested in a project, which county the project is in, and the use of the property the project is on. Any kind of misrepresentation of contractor license can lead to significant penalties.

In part one, we covered the first three types of licenses in Tennessee. In part two, a Nashville construction dispute lawyer continues discussing the various types of Tennessee contractor licenses.

4. Limited Residential (BC-A/r)

To obtain this license, it’s possible to take a course from an approved provider instead of an exam. The only projects a contractor with this license can bid on are single-family residential including remodeling, improvement, and construction. The cost of projects associated with this license cannot exceed $125,000.

5. Small Commercial (BC-b(sm)

Small commercial contractor licenses require an exam. The contractor holding this type of license is able to bid on and contract repair, demolition, construction, and alteration of structures meant for public occupancy. The cost of projects performed under this license may not exceed $1,500,000 and depends on a financial statement provided by the contractor.

6. Commercial (BC-B)

The commercial contractor license is very similar to the small commercial license. However, it is not subject to the same financial limits. This license also covers residential construction that is more than three stories high and has more than four units. Like the BC license previously mentioned, this license covers the 34 categories of projects.

7. Industrial (BC-C)

Contractors who desire an industrial license must first pass an exam. Industrial contractor licenses allow for repair, alteration, building, and demolition of industrial structures such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and data hosting centers.

Construction Conflict?

If you are accused of performing work without a license or without the correct license, you could become involved in a construction dispute. Operating without a license can be a violation of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act and carries a large potential liability. Cotney Attorneys & Consultants has experience defending contractors in many kinds of construction disputes.

If you would like to speak with a Nashville construction dispute attorney, please contact us today.

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