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8 Tips for Submitting a Winning Construction Bid Part 1 featured image

8 Tips for Submitting a Winning Construction Bid Part 1

Bidding is a large part of the construction industry, so knowing the secrets of a winning construction bid is pivotal to a contractor’s success. Our Birmingham contractor attorneys will share some tips.

Don’t Bid on Every Project

While it can be tempting to bid on every potential project, there simply isn’t enough time in the day. Furthermore, not every project may be right for you.

Before bidding, evaluate whether a given project is feasible and whether it would result in enough of a profit to be worthwhile. Remember, just because you’ve started a bid doesn’t mean that you need to finish or submit it. If your preliminary research reveals that a project isn’t a good fit for your company, abandon the bid and move on.

Include All the Correct Documents

Forgetting a requested document is an unfortunate way to get what could have otherwise been a winning bid rejected.

A bid essentially serves as a preview of your work, so it should be perfect. Use a master list to make sure every piece of paperwork is included, and don’t forget to have a trusted colleague provide a second edit.

Double Check the Measurement Units

Using the wrong units is another common mistake. Sometimes you may be required to submit in linear feet, other times in linear meters. Make sure you’re not operating “on autopilot” after past experiences.

Always use the measurement they have specified, even if it deviates from the norm. Failure to adhere to the requested units may come off as careless.

Attend Pre-Bid Meetings

Sometimes pre-bid meetings are mandatory, in which case failure to attend could prevent you from bidding entirely. Even when pre-bid meetings are not required, it is always best to go.

Skipping a pre-bid meeting takes away what could be your only chance to explore the site in person. In the event you are awarded the project, this could result in complications. A visit to the site can expose important factors such as limited accessibility or other variables that would result in additional costs. Knowing these things ahead of time is critical.

Pre-bid meetings are also an excellent time to seek clarification on anything from site conditions to specific project details.

If you have legal questions, speaking with a Birmingham contractor attorney can provide you with countless benefits. You can also proceed to Part 2 of this article for more tips on submitting a winning construction bid.

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