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A Breakdown of Roofing Warranties Part 1

One important aspect of a contract is adding clauses for roofing warranties that cover potential defects and workmanship issues. Adding warranties to contracts are an important safeguard in the construction industry. They can help you steer clear of claims and citations when added to contracts. This will give you and customers a peace of mind.

Since contracts can be confusing, it’s a good idea to get the legal advice of one of our Jacksonville construction attorneys. Our attorneys can provide you with expert contract reviews and draft contracts for all in the construction industry. In this first installment, we’ll share common warranty types you may want to consider when embarking on a major roofing project. Read Part 2 to learn more about roofing warranties.

Types of Warranties

Roofing companies offer different types of roofing warranties. These warranties guarantee products will be repaired or replaced within a certain period of time. You’ll find that some have different names but will express some of the same wording, as well as have varying coverage periods.

1. Manufacturer’s Material Warranty

Manufacturer material warranties cover only the defective materials that make up your roof. Typical warranty verbiage may state that the materials used will meet or surpass the required standards for roofing work for a specific period of time. It may also convey that any defects found will be repaired or replaced.

2. Manufacturer’s Labor and Material Warranty

Unlike the materials warranty, this warranty will cover labor in addition to defective materials. This warranty guarantees roofing materials have to be inspected and meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

3. Manufacturer’s “No Dollar Limit” Warranty

The No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty goes beyond what was paid to install the roof initially. Many times this warranty may cover labor and material defects, workmanship, or it could simply cover materials only.

4. Manufacturer’s Roof System Warranty

The roof system warranty will cover defective materials and some instances of defective workmanship.

5. Workmanship Warranty

Defects are a common issue that cause roofing disputes. The length of coverage and warranty stipulations will vary depending on contractors. It’s important to note that workmanship warranties are valid for as long as a roofing company is in business.

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