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A Summary of Major FDOT Projects in Northwest Florida featured image

A Summary of Major FDOT Projects in Northwest Florida

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is constantly pushing forward new roadway programs and infrastructure projects to boost safety and alleviate traffic issues around Florida. If you are interested in working on FDOT projects, a Florida contractor lawyer can help you develop an attractive bid package so you can improve your chances of winning a bid on a federal contract.

In this article, we will explore some major FDOT projects currently in the works in Northwest Florida. From Bay County to Walton County, our Florida contractor lawyers will take a look at some of FDOT’s most ambitious projects so you can determine whether or not FDOT contracts are right for your firm.

Gulf Coast Parkway

FDOT has been performing an extensive review of the environmental impact of the Gulf Coast Parkway since 2014 to appease officials from Bay County who support an alternative roadway alignment project. These roadway alignments aim to improve the social, physical, and natural environmental surroundings of the Gulf Coast Parkway. Ideally, this project will provide a vital component to the regional transportation network, thereby stimulating regional economies, increasing regional mobility, streamlining hurricane evacuation routes, boosting Tyndall Air Force Base security, and minimizing traffic congestion.

Pensacola Bay Bridge

In Escambia County, the $398.5 million Pensacola Bay Bridge replacement project aims to construct a brand new bridge for U.S. 98 to ease traffic concerns on the east-west transportation corridor. The new bridge will act as the primary hurricane evacuation route for the majority of residents living in Florida’s panhandle. The current Pensacola Bay Bridge was built in 1960.

The new bridge will feature two separate structures to facilitate eastbound and westbound traffic. Each bridge will include three 12-foot lanes, 10-foot left and right shoulders, and a 10-foot multi-use lane for pedestrians and bicyclists. This will be a significant bump from the original bridge, which featured only four travel lanes and a severe shortage of auxiliary lanes. Fittingly, this is the largest transportation initiative in the history of Northwest Florida.

Contractors hoping to procure federal contracts in Florida can benefit from the volume of large-scale projects being implemented by FDOT. Our Florida contractor lawyers can guide you through the process of bidding on FDOT projects, implementing a payment bond, and more.

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