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Achieve Agility with Site Visibility

Construction contractors often have difficulty keeping up with where a project stands, what the roadblocks are for meeting deadlines and knowing if vendors and workers are keeping up the pace.

Construction cameras are one way to handle this issue as they are a fast and fairly fool-proof way to gain real-time visibility on the worksite.

Communication through the use of worksite cameras gives construction teams the flexibility to overcome obstacles. It is important to understand what is happening on the site to determine what to do next. The cameras give contractors the knowledge they need to take action, and owners are not left in the dark.

Newer worksite cameras use artificial intelligence to “read” images on a contractor’s behalf, making it easier to review the past and report on the present.

The camera footage gives contractors visual cues needed to stay on top of a project. In addition, measuring site actions and activities consistently gives you a “stress test” for the future, deep insight into what works best.

You can see how long it takes a team to complete an assigned task and you can know if deliveries from your suppliers arrive on time. You can also see what type of weather might have slowed production.

Of course, there are manual methods to get the same data, but intelligent camera systems allow you to scroll through the past and review information quickly. It gives you insight into how fast your team can complete tasks and what key conditions look like. It also tells you what to avoid in the future.

Construction site cameras capture a multitude of data needed for contractors to make the right choices. In addition, they can help you understand, collaborate and communicate to create a clear and uncomplicated path forward.

Sometimes referred to as remote construction site cameras, these systems are also used extensively for jobsite security. Most thieves and vandals will steer clear of construction sites with camera surveillance.

The most effective construction site cameras are those with mobile components to allow for off-site monitoring. Wire-free systems with multiple cameras work best.

The cameras may need to be adjusted to cover an entire worksite.

Make an inventory list of all equipment and materials and other items stored onsite. Tracking inventory helps with project deadlines and allows your security team to know if something has gone missing.

Most companies offer the option of either purchasing the camera equipment or leasing it. Rental systems may also come with security professionals who monitor the cameras for you.

You might also consider placing surveillance cameras at multiple worksites.

For companies ready to take another step in monitoring their projects, construction cameras on the worksite can help give insight you may otherwise be missing.

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