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Acquisition Attorney in Tampa

An attorney that specializes in corporate transactional law in Tampa assists businesses with a wide range of in-depth legal tasks. From the formation of the business to managing the legal needs of the company as it matures to facilitating growth or merging transactions with other companies, an acquisition attorney in Tampa provides valuable insight throughout all stages of operation maximizing the company’s value. This partnership allows business owners to focus on successfully running their business.

What is Corporate Transactional Law in Tampa?

Corporate transactional law is a comprehensive legal service that offers support to businesses from beginning to end. This type of law encompasses everything from corporate law to commercial, real estate finance, banking, bankruptcy, and tax laws.

Corporate transactional lawyers provide businesses with many sophisticated legal services including structuring deals on their client’s behalf, drafting clearly worded contracts, and offering valuable legal counsel related to many essential aspects of business operation. This includes providing services that help the company institute bylaws and corporate policies.

Ways a Corporate Attorney Can Help Your Business

Here are some of the ways that a corporate transactional lawyer assists their clients:

Creating Contracts: Our attorneys are highly experienced in drafting, negotiating, and reviewing legal documents. From the incorporation of a business to its succession, our law firm can help you manage all of your company’s affairs with clearly defined contracts that establish the critical components of your business operation.

Mergers and Acquisitions: We assess and develop strategies for ownership transfers including acquiring companies, merging with a company, or selling your business. When purchasing a company, an acquisition attorney in Tampa provides thoroughly researched insight into the company’s assets and liabilities and can help you pinpoint an ideal acquisition target for your business.

Succession Planning: Every business owner needs an exit strategy and it’s best to begin this process years before you retire. Our attorneys can assist you with appointing a successor, determining a reliable business valuation, reducing taxes on your estate, maximizing your transfer value, and creating effective living trusts on your behalf.

Crafting Corporate Agreements: We can draft the legal documents you require to grow and maintain your business. As your business matures, you will need a wide variety of legal agreements to be drafted including:

  • Leasing and loan agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Non-compete/non-disclosure paperwork
  • Licensing, technology, and intellectual property documents
  • Shareholder, joint-owned business, and revenue sharing agreements

From establishing your business to the day-to-day legal counsel required to manage the company to strategizing an exit plan or acquisition, our comprehensive legal services can support your business in all phases.

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